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I have often used the cliché, When it rains, it pours. However, as of late, my rain has been acid rain. Within the past three years events beyond my, or anyone elses control have combined to pull me into debt. These events range from the unexpected and untimely deaths of four family members (My 23 year old cousin in a car crash, my 25 year old sister of a massive heart attack, my great aunt of a stroke, and my 1 year old godson who accidentally drowned), to prolonged illness (I have been diagnosed with moderate to severe asthma and also require physical therapy for a knee injury), to numerous repairs to my vehicle. While I have been able to assist with funeral cost (Only one of the four departed was insured. All funeral cost for these three were paid out of pocket), somewhat repair my car (This is a true necessity in order to work as there is no system of public transit where I live. I still need new tires, a tune up, brake job, and front end alignment), and pur!
chase my asthma medication (because my doctor tells me that its good to breathe), I have been left far behind on all of my bills. Month to month, I can pay what is past due on my bills, but I can not bring them current. I am at least one month behind on all of my bills, from my car note to my electric bill; and the added late fees have nearly doubled my debts. I had been attending college in hopes of becoming a nurse. I have had to put that dream on hold as I can not afford tuition, nor can I afford to not work as much as possible. I am standing in the pit of debt, but I can see daylight.
Please help me get the boost that I need to lift myself out. Thank you.

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