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Joyce: Help us get out of debt and off Public assistance

I am a 35 year old mother of 3 who is currently separated from my husband we are a military family that moved to Alabama in Oct 04. My husband then went to Iraq for a year, while I had been working part-time and taking care of the kids. My health started to go down hill after about several months and I had to stop working. Things were ok for a while because my husband was deployed, but now that he is back the realization of the real world has set in. In Hawaii we lived on post and didnt have to pay rent and he was receiving cola. As for me I am a disable vet, but even with my money from the VA, we are struggling. My husband had moved us to his home town so my kids would be near his parents and they would be in a good school system. While Hawaii was nice place to live, the schools were bad and the schools my children are in now are so good, that I would not want to up-root them again. Now we are paying over 1080 for a 4 bedroom apartment. I would love more than anything to!

put my family in a house. While things are not good or looking good for our marriage I plan to stay here until our kids finish school since my oldest is a freshmen. At the present time I am not working cause I am waiting on an appeal from Social Security due to my history of blood clots and the trouble I am having being on my feet along with all the depression I have gone through over the past several years. The move here just made things even worst. I didnt receive the help I thought his family would t give nor do I have any of the support I use to receive from other military families and my husband. My husband is living in Ga where his unit is and will leaving to go to Az soon for school and back to Iraq by the fall. As it is we have good credit but the debt to income is high and I would do anything to get some help with that, not just so I would be able to get the debt down, but so I would be able to purchase a home for my kids and myself. I would also want to leave our marriage debt free so that we wouldnt mess up each others credit. I know my children would love more than anything to have a backyard, and I too miss being able to sit out in the yard and enjoy looking up at the beautiful sky. So if you could help or if you know anyone who could assist I or who know a program that could help I would be so happy. I live in a really nice area and I just feel so bad because I can't put my kids in sports nor am I able to take them out to bowl or skate or to do fun things like the fair, there is just no extra money. And as a parent it hurts, people had always told us to try and have good credit, and we did; but us living in Hawaii for the 5 years we allowed our selves to try and live the Jones, and that landed us owing some 75,000 in debt. I would need but a small amount, like 25,000 so that I could pay down some of my debt and be able to stand on my own two feet with out having to go on public assistance like people in my family did. I just don't know how long its going to take with the appeal. So once again I would be so happy if you had some resources that could help. Every dollar would help. I would just be so grateful.

Thank you,Joyce

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