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Nathan: Help me survive with seven kids

Nathan Millet
I am 48 years old.
I have seven children of whom six are my blood. I have always supported them and they are mostly grown up except three, one is 14 one is 17 and one is 11 months.
Surprise my wife of one year can get pregnant.
My regular job finally reached a point where after paying my child support I could not afford to live.
So since I had always been the one on the job looking for better ways to do things, I decided it was appropriate to start selling cutting edge environmental products (believe me its hard to change the way people do things). So it was natural for me to start selling environmental products that really made sense to help clean up the world. So i quit my job and started selling these oil vaccuums that run on shop air, for shops to recycle their oil. (This parts boring please read on). I sold enough the first year to make a living and the second year started my own company with many products that were environmental in nature. If you would like to see my website it is You will find there some very helpful products for the world. I have some great promotional ideas for these products, but I am running out of operating capital because I started this on basicly nothing.
Please go to my website and you can see my picture and many cutting edge products.
I am now in such financial distress that I am upside down in my bank account $1,000.00 because of service charges and have no immediate funds in sight. Please help me I have an 11 month old baby and six other children and two of them are under 18, five grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.
I also want to mention that with my success I want to make humanitarian achievements.
I am just drowning right now but some day I could be helping people just like you are if you only help me get started out I will make sure and mention you on my promotions on television as the good samaritans that you are. Please send whatever you can or will. Every little bit will not only make a difference in my life but in the lives of many others. Thank You.

Click here to donate to Nathan. Please find it in your heart to help those in need.

"Where those who have help those who don't"